Beer Pioneers



Hello, my name is Jay Sheveck. I am an independent filmmaker currently living in Los Angeles. I have a passion for history and a strong appreciation of beer. For many years now I have been methodically piecing together Beer Pioneers. This self-produced project has been a labor of love and was shot on a shoestring budget. When I began in 1994, the film was originally just a half-hour TV pilot with a budget set at $12,000. The breadth of the subject itself turned the "pilot" into an epic-length feature documentary (and my expenses have exceeded the budget 20-times the original)!

So why would I stick with this subject for so long? Why is this film important?

The first wave of pioneers – the generation who established and grew this "craft" industry – are aging.  It is a great time for reflection, before we lose them. Once these pioneers are gone, so are their stories. The context of their struggles and successes are lost to the sands of time or diluted by others. This film preserves these stories in their original state forever.

My goal with this documentary is to give these Pioneers the opportunity to share their stories in a collective, contextual medium. Generations to come will be able to appreciate the breadth and intricacies of the events that brought back good beer to the people.

Thank you for your interest in Beer Pioneers ... Cheers!

This film is currently in production... Coming 2017.

A film by Jay Sheveck

Beer Pioneers is a multi-part feature documentary that reveals the candid and personal stories of the people behind the revival of craft brewing (the return to traditional brewing methods and use of classic ingredients) in North America and in the United Kingdom. The narrative highlights many of the milestones of the good beer movement from the 1960s to the  present day by re-visiting dozens of famous (and some forgotten) breweries and by exploring the beers, brands and events of historic significance. Through rare and intimate interviews, the stories of the early pioneers' successes and struggles are documented and re-told on-camera--many by the Pioneers themselves.

An epic independent beer documentary...22 years in-the-making!


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